Laravel developer

We are looking for a skilled full stack Laravel developer to join forces with. We are a small team and are working fully remote. As a member of our team, you will be invited to work whenever and wherever you’re happiest and most productive.

The project

We are working on a large, ambitious e-health platform providing services and tools to users in order to get in shape or live a healthy life. We’re currently focusing on employees of various businesses, but will be expanding to a broader consumer-based audience in the future.

Tech stack

At the moment our tech stack is pretty straightforward and working really well:

  • PHP 8.2
  • Laravel 10
  • MySQL 8
  • Redis
  • PHPUnit
  • JS + Vue + Inertia.js
  • TailwindCSS
  • Serverless (Vapor)

We’re also huge fans of:

  • Eloquent
  • Horizon
  • Telescope
  • Valet
  • GitHub (with git-flow)
  • Envoyer
  • Forge
  • Slack
  • And any useful open-source package

As we’re updating our packages almost daily, we’re always using cutting edge software where possible.

Coding philosophy

The e-health platform is made up out of a few monoliths that each control their own significantly large website and handle things like an e-commerce store, payments, multiple backoffices, and a survey generator. All these projects also work together to exchange data via their own private API.

On a technical level, we make heavy use of single-action controllers contained in a separate HTTP interface namespace/layer, an event-driven system, lots of queued jobs, and reusable domain actions. We encourage TDD (test-driven development) and utilize DDD (domain-driven design). All features are planned in JIRA, automatically tested and checked for code style issues, reviewed as PRs (by all developers) , and manually tested by QA before being released every 2 weeks.

Requirements and offer

  • At least 2 years of hands-on experience with PHP, Laravel, and its ecosystem
  • Experience with Inertia and TailwindCSS
  • You value code quality and readability
  • You write useful and plenty of tests using PHPUnit
  • You can commit your code using Git and git-flow
  • Proficient in English (and preferably Dutch too)
  • You’re a motivated freelancer
  • Readiness to work alongside and with others
  • You can clearly voice your opinion, give constructive feedback, and handle it too
  • You’re a fast learner and willing to work with cutting edge open-source software
  • You can work fully remote on your own terms
  • You can work independently, but also in team (by helping out, asking feedback, etc)
  • You see issues before they become problems and proactively solve them or propose a solution
  • You work in the CEST time zone (- / + 1 hour) and are living in the EU
  • You’re available for a long term collaboration

Do you want to apply?

Are you enthusiastic about this position? Good, we can use your enthusiasm!
To apply, email your resume and a link to your Github account to A cover letter is not necessary but please include an introduction about yourself and your experience along with your availability and desired hourly rates. If you are e.g. running your own blog, have created Laravel package(s), have a Laravel Certificate, have a Laracast profile, etc. Please let us know!

Hopefully until soon!